Review: Bear Trap by Ruby Dalton

Bear Trap by Ruby Dalton.jpg Bear Trap


Ruby Dalton

  • *I was given a copy of this book in exchange
  • for this HONEST review*




When Keres, a curvy witch with a rockin’ body and a headstrong personality thought she’d left her past behind her, HE turns up to make her remember.

Finnlo had done something unforgiveable, something she thought she could never get over, but this Bear needs his mate and he will do anything to win her back. He didn’t realise what losing her meant, but magic and hot sex is a helluva combination. Even the sassiest, stubborn witch can’t hold out forever.

Reader’s Note: This is a hot little short. It is not a full length novel, so if you’re after something short and sweet, jump right on in. Contains adult language, a little violence and sizzling sex of the panty-droppingly hot shifter variety.


This is definitely a short read. It took me about an hour to finish the entire story. The writing was good and the story gripping. The sex was certainly steamy and passionate.

As for the story itself. I wish the author would have written it as a full length novel. I felt that Keres let Finnlo off the hook way too easily. He really hurt her and left her when she needed him the most. I felt like she forgave him entirely too easily.

This book was good for a short story but the story has the potential to be one hell of a full length novel.

Ratings System 4 glasses



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