Review: Stiletto by Caddy Rowland

Stiletto by Caddy Rowland   Stiletto by Caddy Rowland

Book 1 of the Avengement Series

*I received a copy of this book for this HONEST review.*


Synopsis: Never underestimate the value of a kick-ass pair of heels. Sexy shoes can make a woman feel beautiful. They can also bring a man to his knees—or worse.

Once John Mickelson slithers out from any blame for the devastation he’s caused with his Ponzi scheme, Jasmine Albertson finds herself barely left breathing. He’s taken everything: her husband, her money, her home, and her child. She can barely see through the haze of pain and hate.

However, one thing is very clear: John Mickelson is going to pay, and she’s going to be the one doing the collecting.

(Note: Although there is an object tying these novels together, each gritty drama is a stand-alone psychological suspense thriller with a complete story arc.)

Karma really can be a bitch—especially when it scores a willing partner.

Themes in this book: revenge, retribution, vigilante justice, failure of the justice system, abuse of power.

Review: Caddy Rowland is one of my favorite authors. I have followed her writing from the very beginning and I absolutely love every book that I have read by her. Stiletto is no different. Caddy has an uncanny ability to grab your attention from the very start and keep you hooked through to the very end!

The characters in the story are very well written. The description is very detailed. The story itself is completely enthralling.

Ratings System 5 glasses


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