October 32nd by Larry Rodness

October 32nd

October 32nd


Larry Rodness

*I was given an ecopy of this book in exchange for this honest review.*



For 50 years the picturesque town of Elora has held its annual Halloween festival. This year something has changed. A boy nearly drowns while bobbing for apples. A group of children are attacked by a flock of crows. Local eccentric, Missy Claridge, senses something ominous and asks the town officials to postpone the upcoming festivities. But her warnings are ignored. That night, while all the kids are trick-or-treating, they suddenly disappear. Soon, every person becomes a suspect as residents frantically try to discover what happened to the children and how to get them back.


The story that the author told in this novel is really intriguing. His explanations of scenes and characters were very well worded and well thought out. Even though the story is about ghosts and a town full of children disappearing, I would not consider it scary at all. I do NOT like horror books/movies at all. I enjoyed the mystery in this novel.

I did find a few grammatical errors, but not so much that I was turned off of the book.

Once I got into the story I had to keep reading. I was hooked and had to find out what happened next. I was totally surprised by the ending.

Ratings System 4 glasses


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